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Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Mike Knecht. There are five books from the “Conchos and Lace” fiction series currently available for your purchase and reading pleasure and one from the historical non-fiction. These books are a labor of love and represent a life long love affair with horses, the ranching lifestyle and the history of the California cowboy.

Books can be purchased by going to the menu bar and clicking fiction or non-fiction. There you will see a short synopsis of each book and links to purchase. The “Conchos and Lace” series is currently available in downloadable Kindle format. “Tales From The Chimineas Ranch” is available in hardcopy, Kindle, and audio.

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  1. Juan…..the old knecht ranch on Tejon is close to my cabin in white oak lodge, I love the history of the East side of Tejon and have some amazing photos of the lodge . I hope to meet you one day and have you sign some of your books.
    Dave Kerr

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