Mike Knecht

Mike Knecht

Mike Knecht and his wife, Michele live on the historical California Central Coast.  Mike was born into a very old ranching family in Kern County, California. In the late 1800’s, his great grandfather was a foreman on the famous Tejon Ranch. When his grandfather was born there were complications. A Tejon cowboy named Juan rode fifty miles on a rainy night to get the doctor and save the mother and child. In acknowledgement of this feat, the name Juan has been given to male descendants ever since. 

Michele Knecht is responsible for the beautiful covers that grace Mike’s books. Some of the covers are available as stand alone art pieces and there are more in the works. Commissioned art is available. To see a gallery of Michele’s work please click here.


The author is an avid horseman having a life long love of horses. Mike rides cow horses and participates in ranch competitions on horses he has raised and trained.

Mike has always embraced the cowboy lifestyle and history. This passion shows up in both the fiction series, “Conchos and Lace”, but also through the non-fiction historical book, Tales From The Chimineas Ranch”.  It is his pleasure to share his knowledge of the era and the vaquero life style with his readers.